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Friends of Social Dance 

We love supporting businesses in the area. Email us if you would like to be added to the list!

Boxing Gloves

Attn: Joslyn

Are you in search of a healthy way to relieve stress and get fit? Come and join us at Mayweather Boxing and Fitness. You can attend your first group class for free! Sign up through social media and receive a $20.00 discount on your membership. Click on the link and apply the code SOCIALITE.

Massage Stone

ATTN: Jacobi Williams

Walker Rehab Group is your one stop place for massage therapy and other trauma related therapy. With a community based focus the services offered here are great for everyone. Feel free to check out their page below. 

Dancing Salsa

Attn: Tom Carrick 

There are many dance socials around town and this is one of the best in West Michigan! Join GRSALSA for month Latin dances. Lessons at 6PM and dance 7-9:30 PM

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